Thursday, February 23, 2012

Saylor {Utah Child Photographer}

Guess who is turning ONE???

 That's right!
This beautiful girl .... Saylor Nevada!!!

Isn't she a beauty???
I'd have to agree 100%

We had the funnest time taking her one year pictures.  She has the cutest, spunkiest personality & it is SO MUCH FUN for me to capture it all with my camera.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE one year olds!  Enjoy!!!



  1. Love these picts Aubree! I'm going to be calling you to see if you'll do my newborn picts come the first of May? I've always thought Amanda's little baby was soo beautiful. She has a darling face and eyes.

  2. Thank you so much Chelsey!!! It is so much fun to photograph all these babies! It is my absolute favorite!!! I'd LOVE to photograph your sweet baby boy in May - call me before to schedule & definitely before 10 days old... that way he'll be super sleepy! Thanks again - I hope you are feeling better now that you're closer to be done with your pregnancy... it's tough, but it'll all be worth it :)