Sunday, June 10, 2012

My Boys {Northern Utah Family, Child Photographer}

I can't believe how fast time flys...  I look at my oldest & cannot believe he's mine.  I'm not old enough to have a 6 year old, am I???  Since I was taking my baby's 6 month pictures, I thought I'd update my older boy's pictures too.  And they are too handsome to not share!  Plus, every time I take a picture & show Trevyn it, he says to me, "That's a good picture Mom, you should put that on your blog!"  :)  And he's exactly right! 

Taking your own kid's pictures is NOT easy!  As soon as the camera comes out, they go running in the opposite direction! :)  But, this shoot was actually really fun!  Mark that on the calendar - that's a first!!! Ha!

Here are all THREE ( I still can't believe I have 3!) sweet boys... I am so grateful I have them in my life.  They have made my life so complete & full of purpose!  I love each and every one of them so so much... :)

 By the way, we got to shake an apostle's hand today!  The boy's were thrilled to meet him and hear him speak.  What an exciting chance for all of us!!!  :)

Bentley - 6 month {Northern Utah Child, Baby Photographer}

As promised... here is my SMILEE CHUNK!

Actually he's my sweet baby boy Bentley at 6 months.  He loves his mommy.  Always has (and hopefully always will).  She loves him too.  A LOT.  :)  He sits up on his own, loves eating, puts everything in his mouth and drinks from a cup by himself.  We get LOTS of comments on how cute and squishy he is... and people just "have" to squish those cheeks (or thighs)!!!  I couldn't agree with them more!  He has been such a joy to me... I can't imagine my life without him.  The boys LOVE him (a little too much, sometimes!) - and his Daddy adores him and he can't wait to show him the in's and out's of tractors, four-wheelers, snowmobiles, etc... 

Bentley Joe we feel so blessed to have you here with us and the miracle of your birth.  (You can read more about that here.) 


 I got some great ones with Brody that I can't wait to use for Father's Day... :)

Doesn't Bents face in the picture on the right look just like his monkey shirt?!  So dang cute!!! Slobbers & all ... I want to remember him EXACTLY the way he is right now....

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Bentley 6 Month Sneak Peek {Northern Utah Child Photographer}

I started editing my own baby boy's 6 month pictures and I just couldn't resist sharing...

Come back - MORE to come!!!!  (Don't you just want to squish those cheeks?)

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

"All Boy!" I Heart Faces Photo Challenge {Northern Utah Child Photographer}

Shovel.  Check.  Rain boots.  Check.  Dirty mug.  Check, Check   ...My little Tan-man is definitely "ALL BOY"!  Come by any day of the week and you'll most likely see him like this....except maybe when he's at church.  Gotta love those boys!!!  :)

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Monday, June 4, 2012

Annabelle {Northern Utah Newborn Photographer}

Oh Gen!!!  She is so beautiful.

These pictures I'm editing tonight make me sad and happy at the same time.  I wish I could say they are my work, but unfortunately they are not.  I had plans to meet up with my beautiful sister just days after she had sweet Annabelle.  My husband and I were going to go on a little road trip with our little baby in tow (of course).  We had the bags packed, photography equipment loaded, and the boy's were planning on staying with their Grandma Gail and Grandpa Doug for a few days.  We were a bit excited.  NOT for the 8 hour drive to Arizona, of course.  But, for being one of the first ones to welcome sweet Annabelle from my side of the family (and rub it in all of my sister's noses!  :) ha ha!)  However, my sweet baby boy Bentley had other plans & got an ear infection right before we left.  We debated whether or not to go anyway... but it ended up we didn't think it'd be best for him.

However, she sent me these pictures that she took & I'm editing them for her.  I HAD to share them ASAP with her... she is so so precious!  I just want to pick her up & rock her.  What a little sweet heart!  I'll work fast Gen so you can get your birth announcements sent!  Love you & her!!!!  XOXO