Monday, October 31, 2011

Tanner {Utah Child Photographer}

This sweet little boy is mine.

I still can't believe he is going to be 3!
Time flies.  Really, really fast!!!

I love being able to capture my children's milestones in photographs.
It is amazing how much they change in just 6 months... let alone a whole year!

Happy Birthday to my sweet little guy!!!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Wright Kids {Utah Family, Children Photographer}

Oh what fun it is to ride in the car for 5 hours with 2 boys, a pregnant lady, a sore/gimpy man & a broken DVD player!!!
Just sayin'.

Only those who know what we've been up to these last few days will understand this.  But, I'll do my best to explain! :)

So, my dad had this brilliant plan to hike the Grand Canyon (North Rim to South Rim - 24 miles).  And he got all his sons-in-law excited & joining in on the fun... needless to say, my boys & I rode to St. George (where we stayed & played this weekend) while my husband hiked the Rim to Rim.

We had a great time, don't get me wrong & we are glad we went.  But, unfortunately my husband was very sore from the hike (which explains the "gimpy" description above), I'm the very pregnant lady, and my boys' DVD player wouldn't work - which makes a 5 hour drive for a 5 & 2 year old pretty darn hard to do.

we survived.

I got to take some pictures of these wonderful kids while I was vacationing...
Aren't they the cutest??!!!  I couldn't agree more!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Allred Kids {Ogden, Utah Family, Child Photographer}

Once again, these kids come dressed PERFECT for their pictures.
I love the colors (which are the colors of their living room) and the layers/textures.
Britnee, you did it again!!! :)

And, these kids couldn't be any cuter.
So, you put the 2 together & you get GREAT photos!

Thanks guys.
lots of love...

4 year old Birthday Party {Utah Event Photographer}

This beautiful girl turned 4.
And since she is ALL GIRL, her mom had a "tea party" with all her friends.

She invited me to tag along & take pictures.

It was so much fun to see just how delicate & sweet little girls are!
Let's just say that there is NO WAY my boys would sit down for 45 MINUTES to make princess crowns (or any craft for that matter)!!!  And then, to eat and drink out of GLASS tea cups and not break a single one of them!  And they ate cupcakes, bright pink & blue cotton candy icecream & didn't get a crumb on their hands or clothes!  It was quite a scene for my "all boys" eyes!

Her mom put in a lot of work & made the day any princess would love!

All the princesses with their homemade crowns!

Thanks for the girlie fun Brit!!! :)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Introducing Rustin {Utah Newborn Photographer}

As I am currently 32 weeks pregnant (with a little boy)... you can only imagine how excited I was when Cindy called and asked me to take newborn pictures of her new little baby boy!!!

Holding this sweet little bundle made me SO excited for my own little guy to come!
He was 2 weeks old & oh so precious.
And the mom is absolutely stunning!

Thank you Cindy & Matt.  And Congratulations, Rustin is perfect.

Can you believe how beautiful Cindly looks in this picture above?!  One pretty mama.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Hammon Family {Utah Family Photographer}

You might recognize this family...

I absolutely LOVE repeat clients.
I've taken the maternity, birth, newborn, and now her 4 month pictures.

She is so beautiful.  Just look at those BLUE eyes!!!  Stunning.
And I always have fun with this family & love catching up on where we left off!

Enjoy... and thanks Kaylee & Dustin.  You have a beautiful family!