Friday, January 27, 2012

Blessing & Family Pictures with the New Little Guy {Utah Newborn, Family Photographer}

My sweet little baby boy is getting blessed next week!  I can't believe he is already 2 months.  We have been super busy with the holidays, birthdays, doctor appointments and adjusting to having 3 little boys in our home that we can't believe it is almost February!!!  (Which is another really busy month for our family!)  But, we haven't taken any of the past 60 days for granted, though... we have held, cuddled, and loved every minute of having this sweet little guy in our home!

Bentley Joe has brought such a sweet spirit into our home.  I have really enjoyed him.  He has smiled since 4 weeks, started cooing, and holds his head up since birth!  He still wakes up at night, but I don't mind because I enjoy our special time with just him & I.  He absolutely adores his mommy (me!) and I secretly LOVE it!  We still have to watch him closely & are taking special precautions to keep him healthy & strong so he doesn't strain his little heart... but the last doctor visit was a great one!  His aorta is still a mild narrowing & if he continues doing well - he will get the surgery when he is 3.  I'm scared & saddened about that, but I also realize how blessed we are despite his condition.  I cannot deny Heavenly Father's hand in our life.  Bentley has taught me SO MUCH in his short little life.  And I know he'll touch many others throughout his life.  I feel so blessed to be his mommy!

Here are his Blessing Pictures... he is so sweet & I absolutely LOVE him!

AND... we finally got new family pictures.  I was planning on going out somewhere for them, but the outfit I ordered for Bentley was 0-3 month & we had to get them done quick or else he was going to grow out of it!  So, we opted for a studio look & I really like them.  My boys are so very, very handsome!  When I look at these pictures, I realize just how lucky I am to be surrounded by all these boys!!!  I wouldn't want it any other way! :)  

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Cash {Utah Newborn Photographer}

What a beautiful baby boy! 
Meet Cash (love his name), just a few days new...
He had such perfect skin & tiny features and I absolutely loved his nursery... I had so much fun photographing him!

You may recognize his parent's...
I took maternity pictures here.

He is blessed to have such good parents that love him so much!
Thanks Tara & Chance! Enjoy!!!

 My dear sweet baby has a heart condition called coarctation of the aorta (narrowing of the aorta) & will need surgery to fix it.  We are very saddened by this.  But, we know that we have been blessed despite this trial.  The cardiologist (which we love!) is keeping a close eye on him to let us know when his heart is working too hard & needs the surgery done.  She told us he will be cut from the center of the abdomen all the way around his side to the middle of his back.  Then, they go in through his rib cage & an opening by the lungs to fix it.  It will be a $40,000 surgery!  OUCH!!!  We feel especially blessed to have such amazing insurance through Brody's work to help with the sting of that bill!  But, as many of you know, you will do anything for your children.  What ever it takes - because you LOVE them so much!

I have talked a little about how special Bentley is.  He was brought to this Earth for a reason.  He is such a sweet heart.  He has been a lot of work & with many many doctor visits, he has kept us extrememly busy.  But, we couldn't love him anymore!  He is such a special little boy.  And here is proof...

This is Bentley with his 24 hour heart monitor on...

Trevyn is helping his little brother feel better... :)

And here is Bentley smiling at 4 weeks.  seriously, 4 weeks!

And a typical change of mood within seconds...
(can you see why we just love him so much?!)

Monday, January 9, 2012

Bodily kids {Utah Children's Photographer}

For December, this photo shoot was crazy warm!  Unbelievable!!!!  Which I absolutely LOVED!  But, these three little cuties are from Arizona... so they were cold!  :)   And now, there is snow on the ground!  So imagine if they had to do it today!!

These handsome boys & beautiful little girl are getting a new baby SISTER this May!!!  And she might just come on my birthday... crossing my fingers!  :)

I just love maternity shots - especially with siblings!!!  So sweet!  Enjoy...