Sunday, January 15, 2012

 My dear sweet baby has a heart condition called coarctation of the aorta (narrowing of the aorta) & will need surgery to fix it.  We are very saddened by this.  But, we know that we have been blessed despite this trial.  The cardiologist (which we love!) is keeping a close eye on him to let us know when his heart is working too hard & needs the surgery done.  She told us he will be cut from the center of the abdomen all the way around his side to the middle of his back.  Then, they go in through his rib cage & an opening by the lungs to fix it.  It will be a $40,000 surgery!  OUCH!!!  We feel especially blessed to have such amazing insurance through Brody's work to help with the sting of that bill!  But, as many of you know, you will do anything for your children.  What ever it takes - because you LOVE them so much!

I have talked a little about how special Bentley is.  He was brought to this Earth for a reason.  He is such a sweet heart.  He has been a lot of work & with many many doctor visits, he has kept us extrememly busy.  But, we couldn't love him anymore!  He is such a special little boy.  And here is proof...

This is Bentley with his 24 hour heart monitor on...

Trevyn is helping his little brother feel better... :)

And here is Bentley smiling at 4 weeks.  seriously, 4 weeks!

And a typical change of mood within seconds...
(can you see why we just love him so much?!)


  1. So sorry to hear this Aubree :( It makes me sad, poor little one. These things are the hard parts of motherhood. He'll be okay but no mama wants to see her baby in pain. Take Care.