About Me

Hi, I'm Aubree!  Welcome to my Photography Blog.

Here is a little about me...
 I have always had a love for anything art.  Ever since I can remember, I was making, drawing, or creating some kind of art.  Many times my "masterpieces" were given away as birthday or Christmas gifts.  :)  Even today, you can find me painting yet another wall in my house or transforming an old piece of furniture into something bright and new!  And along the lines of my love of art, I found my true passion in life... photography.  It may sound a bit corny, ok, a lot corny.  But, it is true.  Everytime I take my camera out of the bag, I know I'm going to capture a memory that will forever be treasured.

And now that I'm a wife and mother to three little boys (YES 3!!!!), capturing a memory means even more to me.

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