Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Heslop Family

Here they are... the cutest group of girls... and one dad!  They are all full of energy & girliness!  I need that in my life every once in a while, since I don't get it at my own house.  :)  We took their pictures Monday night and we started losing light real fast.  But, we still got many good ones. 

(sorry if some of the pictures are odd shapes, again,
 Blogger messes them up & the quality is not so great, better on print!)

This little cutie just turned the big ONE!  She is such a chunk & full of pure joy!

Here is their 3 year old.  Full of sugar & SPICE! :)

Isn't this one great?!  I just love her spunky personality!

This sweetie can hold her own!  She will be 5 in December.  She is in Trevyn's preschool class.

And, their oldest that will be 7 in December.

I think this one is my favorite out of all the pictures. 
Can you believe that they are all smiling, looking at me, no closed eyes???  Amazing! :) 
Seriously, I love this family & we are lucky enough to call them family & live next door!!! 

Thank you Kathy. 

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Allred kids

Meet the Allred kids.  Kaden, Judson, and Gracee. 
I cannot believe how awesomely bright and cute these pictures are.  I love it!!!
They came dressed perfect, of course - with their own style!

Brit, you seriously have the best kids.  Your boys are so very handsome and fun.  And Gracee, she is seriously stunning!  I cannot get over how each of their eyes are so bright and beautiful. 
Thanks for letting me capture a piece of their childhood.  :)

Can't wait to get your canvas prints!!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Gracee's 3rd Birthday!

My sister asked me to take some pictures of her daughter's 3rd birthday party... boy, was I excited!  She is such a doll!  (Sorry for the picture quality & odd shape of some of the pictures... blogger is horrible!)

Meet the newest 3 year old... Gracee... at her Pink Birthday Party.

Having a taste of the cake...

The details... oh, the details!!! 
Here is Gracee's Grandpa... so proud.

And even the boys had their way of getting PINK into their wardrobe!

I had to add this one... my little cutie waiting... patiently... for his cake & icecream! :)

And here is Gracee with one of her favorite Allred cousins... they are the best of friends.

Happy, Happy Birthday Gracee.  It is great to be 3!!!  Love you.