Wednesday, April 20, 2011

LOTS of water...

Have you heard the news coverage on all of the flooding in Utah?

Well, just take a look at these pictures I took yesterday of my father-in-law's farm by the Weber River....

These are my boys looking out over the river... see the trees lined up on the other side?  That is supposed to be the edge of the Weber river.  There is so much water that it went up and over the sides, creating this....

The top picture is my father-in-law on his older tractor... see how he is literally driving through water?!  That is supposed to be a field.  He normally would be planting corn in that field.  Now it's a lake.

And the bottom picture has 3 cows in the distance walking on a thin piece of land sticking out of the freezing water.  They are trying to reach higher ground.

There are so many being affected by all this water.  And the levels are going to rise each day.  My husband has sandbagged for the past 2 days helping others save their homes.

I just couldn't believe what I saw & had to share... Unbelievable!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Brother's Benefit Dinner

Hey all!

Remember this cute family?
This is my brother, Cody, and his family.  He has dealt with sickness, hospitalizations, surgeries, you name it... for the past 4 years.  In the Spring of 2010, he was diagnosed with PSC.  This disease damages and blocks the bile ducts inside and outside the liver.  And now he is waiting for a liver transplant.  Shockingly, the insurance considers this an elective surgery... so they need all of our support!

Read more of Cody's story & get more information at:

Ok, so here is where all of you come in....

We are doing a BENEFIT DINNER for my brother on JUNE 4, 2011 from 5-8PM. It is going to be sooo yummy! My parent's neighbor is cooking & she is a well-known chef/cook with a cookbook out. And Olive Garden Breadsticks.... Ok, really- need I say more?! :)

There will be a 5K Run & 1 mile walk at 4:30PM. Then at the dinner, there is a Kid's Corner, Silent and Live Auction with some really great stuff, bake sale, live music and entertainment, family pictures (by your's truly), and much much more! For all the details, go to:

You can also purchase dinner tickets, pre-register for the race, and donate on their website, too!

We would really love your support. And you are ALL invited to come! Invite your friends and family & come have a blast while supporting a really good cause! My brother & his family really deserve this...

I have the tickets right now!
$30 for a family or $10 for an individual

Email me at: or call (801)695-7366 to order tickets.

Thank you for all your love & support.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Liz & Jake ~ Bridals/Groomals {Ogden, Utah Engagement Photographer}

What a stunning couple!!!
She is from Argentina.  And she is absolutely gorgeous!

By the end of the shoot, they were so comfortable in front of the camera... teasing eachother...  ah, young love... such a breath of fresh air!  :) 

Special thanks to my mom for the location suggestion... the home was beautiful & perfect! thanks, love you mom!

 Did you see their reflection in the picture frame???  OH.... LOVE it!

Congratulations you two love birds!!!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

3 Gals and a couple Chicks... {Ogden, UT Child Photographer}

These little girls are SO MUCH FUN!!!  They definitely keep their mom busy!  :)
I couldn't decide which pictures to post from this shoot.  Because I loved so many of them!  They portray the pure innocence and joy of small children.  :)

First up, big sister...

 Next, come the twin's individuals...

 And Emree, she has so many facial expressions! :)

Here they are just before we brought out the baby chicks... and their initial reaction to see them...


Thanks Sherrail!  Your little girls are so precious... can you believe your little girls are 18 months already?! 

Kaylee's Maternity Photoshoot {Ogden, UT Maternity Photographer}

Here are just a few of my favorites from Kaylee's maternity shoot.
She is just as sweet as she is beautiful.  Her baby girl is coming in June... and she's asked me to be her birth photographer!!!  I am so excited to meet this beautiful baby girl!!!!  So, stay tuned for more from this family...