Saturday, April 2, 2011

3 Gals and a couple Chicks... {Ogden, UT Child Photographer}

These little girls are SO MUCH FUN!!!  They definitely keep their mom busy!  :)
I couldn't decide which pictures to post from this shoot.  Because I loved so many of them!  They portray the pure innocence and joy of small children.  :)

First up, big sister...

 Next, come the twin's individuals...

 And Emree, she has so many facial expressions! :)

Here they are just before we brought out the baby chicks... and their initial reaction to see them...


Thanks Sherrail!  Your little girls are so precious... can you believe your little girls are 18 months already?! 

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  1. so so CUTE!!! They are adorable! I love the trunk in make it look alot better then I had it...It totally fits the cute!