Wednesday, April 20, 2011

LOTS of water...

Have you heard the news coverage on all of the flooding in Utah?

Well, just take a look at these pictures I took yesterday of my father-in-law's farm by the Weber River....

These are my boys looking out over the river... see the trees lined up on the other side?  That is supposed to be the edge of the Weber river.  There is so much water that it went up and over the sides, creating this....

The top picture is my father-in-law on his older tractor... see how he is literally driving through water?!  That is supposed to be a field.  He normally would be planting corn in that field.  Now it's a lake.

And the bottom picture has 3 cows in the distance walking on a thin piece of land sticking out of the freezing water.  They are trying to reach higher ground.

There are so many being affected by all this water.  And the levels are going to rise each day.  My husband has sandbagged for the past 2 days helping others save their homes.

I just couldn't believe what I saw & had to share... Unbelievable!

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