Thursday, August 12, 2010

Anderson Grandkids

Here they are!!!

The Anderson Grandkids... 14 kids under age 12... with another due in February!
My mom asked me to take these... I sure love 'em; the pictures & the kids! :)
This one is HILLARIOUS!  All the babies were crying for their mommies... so we put them down & hurried to take a few shots... just a true, blue, through and through picture of what it's like at Christmas, Easter, or any time we get together!  We love it.

Each summer, my mom and dad invite all the grandkids over to their house for "Grandpa & Grandma's Campout".  They play games, do crafts, roast hotdogs & smores, watch movies, and sleep in a tent in their backyard.  All the grandkids can't wait for this annual summer event. 

Check out this year's craft!  Each kid made themselves...
There were some really creative ones!  Thanks Grandpa and Grandma for the fun!!! You really are the best grandparents EVER!!!

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  1. So cute, and funny...I love these...The grandkid party was so much fun...