Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My Baby Boy {Utah Baby Photographer}

My sister that lives 5 hours or so from me and doesn't get to see Bentley very often, mentioned I should take pictures of him & post them on my blog.  I told her I HAVE been taking pictures of him (if you can only imagine how many!)  But, I've had a hard time finding the time to post them.  So... in request of my beautiful sister... presenting my very handsome, super chunky, and majorly happy baby boy - who is ALMOST 4 months old

SERIOUSLY?!  That hurt just to type that. 

My little guys are growning up way too fast & it seems that Bentley has followed right along with them... But, I have enjoyed EVERY minute with him & can't imagine my life without my 3 little boys.  Oh how I love them. 

Which by the way, Trevyn & Tanner have the flu... like the real flu... like Influenza A... so we've been hiding out at home for the past 2 days... and trying to keep Bentley away.  I pray every second that he won't get it.  Having a baby with a heart condition is SO SO SCARY!!!!  Some people just do not understand just how scary.  A sickness like influenza could be really bad.  SO - pray for my baby & all my little ones to get better & stay healthy - especially since it's OFFICIALLY Spring TODAY!!!!  (can you hear the excitement in my voice?!)  I love Spring... especially because SUMMER is right after it... my absolute favorite... *sigh*

So, without further ado... here's my sweet Bentley Joe...

He loves his hands & has started pointing his toes & putting them together in the air.  He's an on-the-go type of guy who doesn't like to sit still very long.  He screams immediately after setting him down; he LOVES to be held.  And he LOVES to be talked to.  He'll give you the biggest, brightest smile - almost every time!   And those blue eyes... oh, how I love them.  Enjoy...

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  1. Oh Aubree, me and Tylee and Abbee are just ooohhing and Aaaahhhing, we are LOVING these pictures of Bentley, can we eat him up or what???
    I can't believe how much he has grown, he is tooo adorable. Thank you so much for posting these~