Monday, February 13, 2012

Trevyn {Utah Children's Photographer}

 My sweet little Trev is 6 years old today!!!!

I cannot believe it.

My life drastically changed 6 years ago today... and in so many ways for the better.
I love this boy so so much.

He is my sweetheart.  Very sensitive, but friends with everyone, & everyone loves him!  He loves to talk.  And he does it well - non stop.  His imagination is unbelievable!!!  I am often blown away with his thoughts & ideas... such a fun, adventurous little boy! 

He loves playing the Wii & is getting really good at it.  He LOVES watching movies & going on John Deere rides.  He adores his friends & cousins & cannot wait to play with them.  He is learning so much in Kindergarten & has already surpassed alot of the requirements!!!  I am one proud mommy... Happy Birthday big guy!!!

Here are some pictures from our mini session & when I say mini - I mean MINI!!! (10 minutes tops in our backyard! :)  That's all he'd let me do this time... we'll get some more when it's a bit warmer! :)

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