Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The "D" Family

Meet my really good friend Telina and her adorable 2 kids...

She is a knock-out.  Seriously, so gorgeous.  And her kids are so beautiful & just so dang cute.  I had a blast shooting them.  The light, location, just everything was perfect! 

Thanks TJ for letting me see the "mom" side of you.  Watching you with your kids makes me want to be a better mom & person all around.  :)

See?  I told you they are beautiful!!!


  1. You really are just getting better and better Bree! Love these, and I have not seen Telina in such a long time, she is beautiful :)

  2. Thanks Amanda... you're so supportive! Can't wait to take your belly pics! And yes... Telina is gorgeous, isn't she?! :) Thanks for looking.

  3. Love them, Love them, Love them! Such a cute family!