Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Fowers'

Ok... I think I always start my posts with this word, but....ok, this mom is so stinkin' cute, sassy, & FUN!  And then, the dad.  I told them, "Smile!"  And nothing changed on his face.  So I said, "Or don't."  I was then told he only smiled once in his whole lifetime for pictures.  And that was because the photographer told him to say something way, WAY opposite of "say cheese!" and caught him off guard.  So that trick was out of the bag... now what?

Actually his true funny character & teasing his wife came through in a few of these pictures.  And he even looks like he is curving his lips in some too.  And that, my friends, is an accomplishment! :)

Aren't they just the cutest couple!  Thanks you guys!!!

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