Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Allred Family Pictures, Ogden, UT family photographer

I love this family.
These pictures are awesome.
Thanks you guys for everything!

These 2 are some of my biggest fans.  They have supported me with what ever I have wanted to do, including photography.  And they keep cheering me on.  Not only are they so cute together, but they get along incredibly well.  They are the perfect team.  And of course, they come (all of them) dressed perfectly!  You did awesome Britnee.  I knew you would!  I hope you love them as much as I love you!

 Do you like this one in color???
 or Black & White better???

 this one was a personal favorite... just so natural.

Aren't they the most stylish family in America???  Seriously, the funnest family to be with.  They make you feel so good about yourself.

So, now the question is....What do YOU think??? 

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  1. umm...are you kidding me??! They are ADORABLE!!! love, love, love them! The pictures and the family of course...So cute.