Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mom & Dad

Here they are!!!
2 of my FAVORITE people in the whole wide world!!! (besides my husband & boys, of course)
Why are they my favorite???

Well, for so many, many reasons because...
they are my MOM & DAD!!!

I love them.
So. Much.

And even better, they love eachother SO. MUCH.
And these pictures definitely show it.

It is really fun for me to watch them through my lens.
Capturing their true friendship & appreciation for each other was amazing.
Thanks for that, mom and dad, and so much more!!!

Aren't they just great???  My parents & the pictures??? :)


  1. OH my gosh! Mom and dad are the cutest...and you did a great job shooting them! :) I will love these pictures forever...Thanks Bree.

  2. Wow....Aubree those pictures are so wonderful words can't describe!!!