Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Westergard Family, Ogden, UT family photographer

Here is my really good friend Chelsey.  We've been friends for a really, really long time!  Her & her husband were high school sweethearts.  So, I've known him for quite a while, too! 

After high school, Chelsey talked me into going to Dixie for college & we were college roomates... 
and we've been close ever since!  I have some of my best memories of my single life with her!!!  And now that we are married & old moms... it's been an adventure to see how life has changed us.  She has been through many trials in her life.  And I look up to her for her strength and pure kindness.  Thank you Chelsey for that & for your friendship.  You have always been there for me. 

And on to your pictures... I had so much fun with your little boys.  They are absolutely handsome!  Their eyes are stunning!!  And you are as beautiful as ever.  I love how they turned out...

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