Monday, November 29, 2010

Bodily Family, UT family, child photographer

I love this family.
Meet my older sister/twin, Gentree.
Isn't she GORGEOUS?!
And her cute family.
Since they were here for Thanksgiving... we decided to take advantage of it by taking some family pics. 
 I love them.  Such a beautiful family!  Did you know he's a Doctor??? :)

 Kale asked for a profile picture of Gen for his office & look what I happened to snap a pic of... see that last picture with a sweet little girl's hand?  That's her little girl's hand.... ohhhh soooo swweeettt!!!  I seriously love photography!
Thanks guys!!!

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  1. Gentree and Brielle look beautiful!! And all the boys are so handsome :) Great job Bree, Now Kale can have a hot picture of his wifey to hang proudly in his office...Can me and Tyler be next?? We need to do ours soon, before I start waddling ;)