Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tan's 2 Year Pictures, Ogden, UT children, family photographer

My baby is now two.  Obviously, not a baby anymore (insert a sob & a few tears here).  We have been so blessed to have him come to our family.  And I have especially been blessed to be his mother. 

He is the sweetest little boy. 
A quiet teaser. 
Just ask his older brother!
But, he loves his brother so, so much (as these pictures show).
He really is quite the catch, too.  If I don't say so myself.

I love you little buddy to pieces and pieces and pieces! 

and of course I had to add one of big brother, too! :)

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  1. Those have to be 2 of the cutest boys I have seen! And I am not biased at all :) You did a great job with his pictures...and his birthday party was so fun. Love you Bree :) Manda