Thursday, April 26, 2012

Embrace the Camera...

I was searching the internet for some great handout ideas for my Teacher Training I have to do for our Primary teachers this Sunday, and I came across the most wonderful blog, 

She is a mother to four children and a mom photographer.  I always feel inspired by these kind of women!  The reason I wanted to mention her & her blog is how she has started a new challenge called "Embrace the Camera"  Where she's trying to not only take pictures of the every day moments of her children and husband.  But, also making sure she herself is in front of the camera too.  It struck a cord with me & it is too good not to share.  Take it from her own words...

"I started Embrace the Camera for one reason.
My kids.

One day I was looking for a picture of my mom and I together, growing up, and I realized that I hardly have any with her in them. There are plenty of just me, but only a few with her. I didn't want that for my kids. I want them to have an abundance of pictures with us together. I want them to remember me, and our day to day interactions.
The fun times we had.
The real times we had.
Our memories.
I wanted to make sure I was a part of those memories.

So, Embrace the Camera was born.
Each week, I am intentional about turning the camera around on myself, to get in the shot.
It doesn't have to be on a day that I look good. I don't need make-up on. I can even be wearing my sweats that I love so much. It doesn't need to be with a good camera. It just needs to be me, with all of my kids, one of my kids, my husband, or someone else who may be near and dear to my heart.

One day, we won't be around.
Do we really just want to be a distant memory? Or do we want pictures to remind our loved ones of what we once were.
Regardless of how we look or feel, I promise that they will treasure those photos one day.
They will not think "man, my mom was ---(insert horrible adjective that you use to describe yourself)."
They will love the photos.
I promise."
Great, right?! Like really, really great. She's inspired me. I hope I've passed that inspiration on to at least some of you. Getting in the picture is so important. Your children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren are going to want to see the everyday moments and how great a mother or father or grandmother, etc you were. I'm going to try and "EMBRACE THE CAMERA" - I hope you'll join me!!!!
Read more about her post here.

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