Thursday, September 1, 2011

Jones Family {Ogden, Utah Family Baby Photographer}

Here is part 1 of the Jones' Family Photoshoot.
We are leaving town this weekend & Amanda just couldn't wait that long to see them!

So, here's a sneak peek for you Mand! :)

By the way, your daughter is BEAUTIFUL.  And her momma is too!

I am not biased at all.  (*wink *wink)

Her mom gave her this big, bright, and yummy sucker to eat on.  Her first sucker ever & it's bigger than her head! :)

She was in heaven!!!

Check back for Part 2!!!  Such cute pictures!

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  1. Oh Aubree, you must really love me :) I was so pleasantly surprised when I saw this post from you! I cannot wait to see them all, they are adorable...I just love that Saylor girl. ;) Thank you Bree.