Monday, August 15, 2011

Family Update {Utah Family Photographer}

My husband & I celebrated our 8 year wedding anniversary this year!

We had such a great time together.
We ate at Taggart's (which we'd never been to before) & the weather was perfect.
Then, we kayaked in Pineview.  Again, perfect weather.
And finished off the night with 2 scoops at Farr's Icecream.

We enjoyed every minute of it together.

I love this man.
He gets me.
And makes me want to be better.

He pushes me to excel in every way, with his positive encouragement.  I love that about him.

Happy Anniversary Babe!
 Here are my oldest son's Kindergarten picture.  We will do more later, but this is for his book (a.k.a empty binder to be filled when school starts).
Here are the details:  Every year he writes out his name & grade (that way we can see how much his handwriting has changed!)  And we keep all his "favorite" papers he brings home from school in this binder.  That way, we don't end up with a bazillion papers & there is one for every grade, neatly ordered & organized.  Can you imagine how crazy it could be while ALL your children were in school without a system already in place???  This helps keep things organized.  Thanks Britnee & Jancee for the idea!

Don't you just LOVE his writing? 
I absolutely love this boy.
 Kindergarten pictures coming soon...

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