Sunday, June 19, 2011

Cody's Benefit {Utah Event Photographer}

My brother's Benefit was June 4th.
It was.... amazing... incredible... uplifting... inspirational...

I was honored to be involved & witness such an outpouring of love, support, and service.
The communities of Slaterville, West Weber, and Taylor came together to really support someone in need.  And they raised over $80,000 while doing so!

Can you believe that?

Either could we.  But, it's true.  There were SO many people there!  And a lot of the credit can go to the wonderful non-profit oranization called "Anything for a Friend".  The co-founder and first recipient, Becky, is an amazing person.  She has helped in so many ways, but the best way in my eyes is by healing my sister-in-law's heart and helping her cope with the trial of caring for an ill husband while running a household.  Becky has done wonders for Amy.  So, for that & so much more... thank you "Anything for a Friend"!!!

Here are just a few of the pictures that I captured of this magnificent event.
It has changed me forever.

 There were SO many kind people that donated.  They have amazing talents & were so willing to help out.  It was inspiring!  Thank you to all of you - for being who you are!
 Here is Becky, center left.
 My dad bought a limited edition fireman rifle a while back for $2500 to give to Cody to inherit (far right).  However, my Dad decided it served as another purpose.  He is raffling the gun $10 a ticket & giving the gun away to help with my brother's medical costs.  It is an amazing sacrifice & great example of my Dad.  Material things really don't matter when it all comes down to it.  Love you Dad.
 Getting ready for the race...
 The fabulous chef's!  The gourmet spaghetti dinner was just that!  YUMMY!!!  Thank you for your huge help!  We couldn't have done it without you!
 The race helpers... um...??  :)
After the race started... it made Cody & Amy cry.  It was an emotional experience to see all the supporters.

 The overall winner of the 5K (far right)
 Cody with his friends & Judson (my nephew) selling suckers in the Kid's Korner.
 Nail painting (by my niece Tylee) and face painting... there were many other fun games including a bounce house!
 We made this quilt to give to Cody & Amy.  It has all our hand prints & names of the Olsen & Anderson Family, even the littlest ones (like Sayor!).  John Canan came to sing.  He sings songs we know that are written from Michael McLean.
 It was an emotional experience for my brother.
 The balloon launch!  It was one of the best events of the night!  So emotional, yet inspiring!

A huge thank you to all who helped the Anderson Family!
And THANK YOU Cody & Amy for letting me take the pictures of the event.  It was amazing!

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