Thursday, March 3, 2011

Olsen Family, Ogden, Utah Family Photographer

What a beautiful, perfect day for pictures!
Seriously, you couldn't ask for anything better.
She wanted pictures in the snow... and that is exactly what she got!!!

It snowed the morning of pictures and stopped with overcast skies just in time for us to click some shots of this family!!!  Can't get any better than that?! 

These ladies are sooo beautiful!   And the men are all very handsome!

Love the colors with the white snow... simply beautiful!

P.S.  Did you notice my brother in these?!  I actually photoshopped his skin color... it is much yellower than you can see here.  I am going to take some pictures of him soon... But, the most important reason I am talking about him is... He is on the liver transplant waiting list.  Through a bunch of trips to the E.R. and a bunch more tests, he was told he needed a new liver.  As you can imagine, he (as well as his family) was initially shocked and discouraged at the news of this!  We will be doing fundraisers for their family to help with the financial costs... so stay tuned.... we'd love your support!!!

Until then, visit my sister-in-law's blog:   to read all about their journey for a new liver and a new life! 

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  1. Their pictures turned out awesome!! Could you have asked for a more perfect snow storm that day?? They have a beautiful family :) Good job Bree.