Saturday, January 29, 2011

Turning 5! Utah Child, Family Photographer

I cannot believe that it has almost been 5 years since I became a mother.  Five years ago, this handsome boy entered into my life.  I have learned so much since then.  And a lot of that growing is because of him.  Boy, how I LOVE him!!!  He is absolutely, by far, the sweetest little boy on the face of this Earth.  BY FAR!  He is friends with everyone and truly cares about other people's feelings.  He has brought so much light into our home.  I couldn't ask for a better son.  I know he'll always have a piece of my heart forever.

And, isn't he handsome???
No bias here, I'm only his mother, for crying out loud! :)

When I tell Trev to smile... this is what he gives me... (he tells me that this is his "cute smile") :)

 And some with little brother...

 They really are best friends.

My sweet little country boys... don't you just love the boots??  :)


  1. Oh my golly, your boys are so handsome! :0) These pictures turned out great Bree, and cannot believe that you have been a mommy now for 5 years...No wonder your so smart. Love ya!

  2. Ok, I cried when I saw those pictures... your boyz are so precious, I love when their holding hands and looking at each other.. priceless!!! And Aubree I can promise you that each day of motherhood is only going to get better!